Remote Desktop Portal

This portal will allow you to remotely access a Windows 10 PC in one of our computer labs. Please only request a session when you are ready to use it. PCs that have been reserved but are not in use are regularly returned to the pool for other users. If you are denied access because you are not authorised, your session has expired.

Once you are logged into a session you will not be logged out automatically, please let us know if this happens so we can investigate. If you get disconnected from a session, you can re-launch the downloaded file to re-connect to the same PC. Be sure to save your work. Please logoff when you are finished and return to this page if you need another session later on.

To use this portal you must first be connected to the University's network using Pulse Secure. If you do not know how to do this, follow the instructions here.

When you are ready to proceed you may click on the 'Log in' link below, which will prompt you for your username and password. Use your regular university account details but note the username field must not end with ''. If you are unable to login, you may not have been granted access. Please speak to your module leader who can request access for your module.

Linux users can use the open source xrdp software to connect to a session. Please consult the documentation for you operating system on how to install this software.

Mac OS users can use the Remote Desktop client for Mac, available in the App Store.

Although not advisable, an Android Remote Desktop client is available from the Play Store.

The Safari web browser will not work with this service. Browsers confirmed to work include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Brave.

If you are having any difficulties using this service, please contact us.

There is a three PC session limit per user enforced with this system. Please ensure you are logging off fully if you intend on requesting further sessions. If you disconnect a session (by closing the Remote Desktop window for example) then you are still logged onto the PC, and that will count towards your maximum session limit. Inactive sessions are not automatically logged off until one day of inactive time has been reached. You can re-use the same downloaded .rdp file to re-connect to your session until the system re-claims the PC in the manner described. The active session count for your username is performed live when you request a new session.

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